Eureka moment : Beliefs & Reality creation

Another Eureka moment when suddenly a concept becomes crystal clear!

Concept: What you think is what you become.

Explanation: Now I believed it theoretically & had experienced it personally as well once when I developed such a strong belief that I belong at IIM,Ahmedabad that everything else seemed not like a ‘do or die’ test/ interview but a stepping stone towards what I already felt I had achieved. That was long before I read about LOA (Law of Attraction) , but later I kind of started feeling that may be  it was ‘once in a lifetime’ kind of fluke. Something that I could never replicate again for anything else fully successfully.

But may be the beliefs I wanted to replicate in my reality weren’t strong enough like they had been that time. Now this insight came when recently, I was climbing stairs & started panting after reaching 4th floor. Seeing my dad achieve massive feats in physical strength in our native village, I had always proudly believed that I have inherited his genes of strength & stamina. And that’s so much part of my self-image that when I realised I am panting ( 2-3 months of zero workout you see) , I just couldn’t take it! I was like ‘NOOOOOO this can’t be true!!’. And my body automatically decided it was time to start some hard core workout. And I am happy to report that from last one week, I have been consciously making time for workout 1-1.5 hrs every day. All excuses that had held me back from 2 months flew out of window instantly.

So what happened here? What happened was my body showed a side which wasn’t aligned with the image I held in my mind about it (Strong, Active, Agile). And automatically I took steps to re-align my body’s reality back to the belief I held.

And whoa! This realization opens everything up for me. Belief comes before reality. I was just a child carrying a tiny water jug (which at that time I felt was equivalent to my dad carrying those heavy water cans :P) when I created this belief of strength. I wasn’t in IIMA when I just tricked myself into believing I belonged there. But once belief was formed, there was no way I could accept a reality that wasn’t aligned to that belief.

So crux is ‘Have‘ need not always come before ‘Believe’, many times creating a belief can make things happen . Not by Magic but through you, for you will never compromise on a reality that doesn’t match your beliefs.

Time to experiment it on other aspects in life & see what shows up!! 🙂 Would love to hear if you have had some similar experiences.



Trekking after long time

This post shows how I forget after making a draft blog post. I wrote it a month after I trekked & I am posting a month after I wrote 😛 . But better late than NEVER! right? So here you go!!

I have moved to Pune from Delhi since 6 months now. And one reason I loved this move was, the closeness to Western Ghats and the numerous trekking opportunities it provided. Being up North in Delhi, I was a rather consistent trekker in mountains of Uttaranchal & my own beautiful native state of Himachal Pradesh. And when I look back, it felt weird that I haven’t done ANY trek despite the lovely hills scattered all around Pune.

Well 1.5 months of intense heat has kept me indoors but as soon as clouds came knocking, I knew it was time to shrug the dust off my trek shoes. And so I decided to go to a short one day Jungle Walk with a group Western Routes. It was to a village Ajvali Devrai village which is at around 50 km from Pune.

Views that run with along the drive
Clouds covering half of the hills

I per say had gone with a vigour to do a trek but it turned out to be an easy walk with an uphill climb of 2.5 km ending at a Hanuman Temple. The weather was rainy and though I was equipped with everything (umbrella, jacket) to stay dry, it was fun finally letting go and getting wet in and out. The showers kept coming and going, which definitely left my friend caught between when to open umbrella and when not 😛

In all I loved the interplay of clouds with hills, the breathtaking drive and the imposing crabs that greet you all across the hike.

IMG_1044             IMG_1028

Hello world!

Hi Beautiful /Handsome

Yes , I am talking to you . Whoever you are, wherever you are. Hello 🙂

As I begin this journey of sending my words out in this vast cyber space, (after many inconsistent ones over past few years), I want to thank you for stopping by. This blog will be reflection of my musings, creations, sudden Eureka moments and any new adventures / challenges that I undertake.

From recent few years, I have been curious about the alternative healing therapies and that has over time led me to try seeing world as a rainbow of energy (high / low/ intense/ weak/ positive/ heavy) . And from that emerges the ideology of trying to raise everyone’s energy to make the world a better place to live. Frankly speaking, I have never been an ardent religious person. The mantras, prayers, rituals have always been a should do/ good to do thing in my life. But in wake of the ‘energy concept’ that most healing practitioners follow, I have started seeing some resonance between religion & spirituality, or you can say the link where religion was meant to be spiritual but somehow it deviated and is now just a body without its soul ‘spirituality’. Like , today I was practicing the art of blessing everyone around me when I was on my way to office. It felt good to ego (doesn’t doing ‘noble’ feel good? 😉 ), it was a good diversion to my unending negative/ useless thought patterns (something that I don’t even realize is going on in my mind) and it showed how much there is to give to the world than our usual desire of taking . Also what suddenly struck me was this quote that I have heard thousands of times during ‘Aarti’ prayers.


Which means
Auspiciousness (swasti) be unto all;
peace (shanti) be unto all; fullness (poornam) be unto all;
prosperity (mangalam) be unto all.
May all be happy! (sukhinah) May all be free from disabilities! (niraamayaah)
May all look (pashyantu)to the good of others! May none suffer from sorrow! (duhkha)

Isn’t this what healing practice also is all about!!?? For years we keep chanting this, but without knowing that it just isn’t a mantra to be spoken once a day, it is a lifestyle . Makes me look back at our culture not as a liability but as a resource of hidden pearls of wisdom.
What other pearls have you discovered and would like to share? 🙂 Do let me know.

Yours proudly me